What is Doculus?

Here's an application meant to manage documents, so that anything you are looking for will be one click away and secure enough so that nothing can be accessed without you allowing it.

We believe that a clear view on is usually a great advantage for anyone, so we designed Doculus with the thought of offering you a vantage point over your documents.

Let’s see the things making Doculus awesome and trustworthy:

…the good stuff!

Powerful Interface

You shouldn’t be wasting your time figuring out which of the many buttons does what you need and where that button could be found. We made it simple and easy to learn, as with all our products – try the demo version and see how easy it is to access your documents or upload them.

Easy Installation & Setup

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Install the client application, personalize your local account profile and you’re good to go!

If you need more info, consult the User Manual, which explains the shortest way to start using Doculus.

Strong Security

Keep every document secure with Doculus’ exhaustive access control options. Manage permissions through user groups and add exceptions for any particular user. Set rights for whole folders or individual files. The options are endless and security is rock-solid.

Unmatched Scalability

It doesn’t matter how many people are working in your company, as our solution is suitable for small or great enterprises. Doculus is flexible, can be adapted for any number of employees and uses minimum hardware requirements so that it may face your needs in the office.

Easy Administration

If you have been wondering who’s going to do all the administration work around Doculus, don't worry. It will be so easy that you'll want to do it yourself. Assigning user and user group rights or configuring the system for a maximum of efficiency are easy and safe to perform, as you will notice if you take a look in the User Manual.

Pro Features

If you are going for our Midi or Maxi Module, you will also benefit on using the Pro-features - Buzzer for Midi and Buzzer + ScanIt! for Maxi. Take a look below to find out the details on our Pro Features:


This is our the document notification system, which allows you to set up alarms regarding important things related to your documents.

For instance, if you know that a certain contract expires at a set date, after being set accordingly, the Buzzer will alert you a few days prior to the event.


This feature will scan your documents using key words and expressions, regardless of the document format (you can even search in a scanned document).

If you would find yourself in a big hurry and you discover that you need to know a certain detail found in one of your documents, don’t waste time looking for it. Just type in the detail and ScanIt! will do the rest!

Why Doculus?

Because it’s safe, easy to use and efficient. We are certain you can start using Doculus by following these 4 steps:

1. Install

Install the application. Don't worry, it's simple and straightforward.

2. Create

Create directories for your files.

3. Upload

Upload your documents into the created directories or into already existing ones

4. Setup

Set user rights and create user groups for each directory or separate document.

Of course this is just a short set of steps, but reading the User Manual, you will discover all the possibilities offered by Doculus. All in all, you will benefit from a combination of secure features – we assume your documents are very important regardless of the size of your company – and a friendly user interface, which we are sure wont draw you back from using Doculus.