Strong Security

Nobody wants precious data unprotected, so we have taken extra care about Doculus’s security features. Safe access for users and user groups, all under your control.

Userfriendly interface

Doculus’s interface is simple and intuitive – you don’t need to waste time on finding documents and accessing them. Everything is right where you expect it to be, as you need it.


Regardless of the number of people using it, Doculus is a flexible solution – suitable for a small office of 3 people or for hundreds of simultaneous users in large companies.


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We always believed in teamwork so, we’d like to tell you that even if you are our customer, you are also our team mate and your opinion matters to us.

Use this product and see if it really helps you – we strongly encourage you to drop us a line telling us about your experience with Doculus. We’re developing new features based on what our clients tell us - your feedback can make a difference!

Your idea might spark a revolution!

OEM Partners

We like people trusting our products to such extent, that they want to market them on their own. Because of this, we are offering partnership deals to companies wanting to re-brand and sell Doculus.

If you are still reading this, it already sounds interesting and you represent such a company, please contact us and we can discuss about the terms and details regarding a collaboration.